Vice Rector for International Collaboration
Head of MBA programme in Business Innovation
Estonian Business School, Estonia

Toomas Danneberg是爱沙尼亚商学院与其荷兰分院的副校长(国际合作),也是工商管理硕士课程(商业创新)主任。 Toomas是爱沙尼亚服务业商会的董事会成员,也是高等教育事务委员会主席。他曾担任爱沙尼亚商学院的研究与发展副校长,以及大学电子化理事会监委,专司高等教育机构的数码化。

Toomas活跃在高等教育领域已有20年,除了管理工作外,他也经常在爱沙尼亚和其他国家的大学担任讲师。 Toomas在荷兰获得经济学硕士学位,并在爱沙尼亚获得工程学硕士学位。作为讲师,他感兴趣的领域是战略营销,客户服务管理和创新创业。过去的15年中,他为世界各地的公司和高等教育机构担任顾问及培训讲师。他也常担任商务和教育会议的演讲嘉宾。 Toomas的研究着眼于教育治理,他研究了课内和课外活动的模型,用于培养专业技能和发展经验学习。


Toomas Danneberg is Vice Rector for International Collaboration at Estonian Business School in Estonia and Finland, and the founder and Head of MBA programme in Business Innovation. Toomas is a board member of the Chamber of Estonian Service Industry and Chairman of the higher education working group. He previously served as Vice Rector for Studies and Development at Estonian Business School and a supervisory board member of Council of e-University, a consortium responsible for digitalisation of higher education institutions (HEI).

Toomas has been active in higher education field for 20 years. Apart from, his management positions, he is also a frequent lecturer at several universities in Estonia and abroad. Toomas holds an MA degree in economics from The Netherlands and in engineering from Estonia. As a lecturer, his fields of interest are strategic marketing, customer experience management, and new venture creation. Over the last 15 years, He has been acting as consultant and trainer for companies and HEIs around the world. He is also a frequent speaker at business and education conferences. Toomas’s research focuses on educational governance - curricula and extra-curricular models for the development of professional skills and experiential learning.

He takes inspiration from his family, travelling, and a network of creative people.

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