Ilan MAOR 先生
Mr Ilan MAOR
Ilan MAOR先生

Managing Partner, SHENG Enterprises
Vice Chairman, Israel- China & Hong Kong
Chamber of Commerce

SHENG 以色列分公司执行合伙人

Ilan Maor先生是SHENG以色列分公司的执行合伙人。SHENG为全球顶尖的顾问公司,专司投资银行、企业融资、跨国技术合作和咨询服务,其亦为以色列和中国交流的重要桥梁。加入SHENG前,Ilan曾领导以色列外交部的经济部门,负责与亚太国家及独立国协成员的经济合作,亦负责以色列在国际经济组织中的活动。他也是以色列与经合组织(OECD)谈判的小组主管。

2001至2005年间,Ilan Maor为以色列驻上海总领事。2004年9月,引领全球的经济杂志「The Marker」将Ilan纳入「对以色列经济最具影响力的100人」,他是第一位(也是唯一一位)获得此殊荣的以色列外交官。

Mr Ilan Maor is the Managing Partner of SHENG, a leading advisory firm specializing in investment banking, corporate finance, cross boarder technology cooperation, and advisory. The firm also serves as a bridging between Israel and China. Before joining SHENG, Ilan headed the Economic Department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, responsible for the economic cooperation in Asia, Pacific and CIS region, as well as Israel’s participation in the economic international organizations. He was also Head of the Israel Negotiating team with the OECD.

From 2001 to 2005, Ilan Maor acted as Consul General of Israel in Shanghai. In September 2004, Ilan was the first (and only) Israeli diplomat to be selected as one of the “100 Most Influential People in Israel Economy” by the leading economic magazine “The Marker”.

Ilan is currently the Vice Chairman of the Israel-China & Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce.
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